State of Alabama
Domestic Non-Profit Corporation
Articles of Incorporation

Article I -- Name
The name of the corporation shall be: "PetLinker, Inc."
Article II -- Duration
The duration of this corporation shall be perpetual.
Article III -- Purpose
The purpose of the corporation shall be:
  1. To help lost pets find their way home.
    1. To operate a lost and found service for pets. This shall consist of a website, where lost and stray pets may be entered and searched for. In order to make the service successful, it shall be advertised throughout the area, both to the public and to animal organizations and animal impoundment agencies.
    2. To educate the public on ways to find their lost pets, and to keep them from becoming lost.
    3. To encourage the public to keep their pets safe through microchipping, tagging, tattooing, and maintaining photos of their pets.
  2. To assist lost or abandoned pets with appropriate vet care.
  3. To help those lost or abandoned pets, who do not make it home, to find alternate homes, and to provide vet care, including spay/neuter, and other appropriate care.
  4. To raise funds in support of the foregoing purposes.
  5. To conduct any lawful business in support of the foregoing purposes.
Article IV -- Members
The Secretary shall keep a record of the members of the corporation. The members shall meet at least yearly to conduct any lawful business of the corporation, and to elect a board of directors.