Examples of Cat Patterns

Tabby Cats

Tabby cats have stripes at least on their heads. They may have stripes, whorls, or dots on their sides. All orange and cream cats are thought to be tabbies.

Black Tabby

Gray Tabby
Cream Tabby
Orange Tabby

Torties (Tortoiseshell Cats)

Black & Orange

Torties have both black and orange colors often closely intermixed.

Dilute torties have grey and cream colors. If torties also show the tabby pattern, they are called Torbies.

A classic Tortie

Calico Cats

Calico cats are black, orange and white, usually in patches. Dilute Calicos are grey, cream and white. The patches may show tabby patterns.

A classic Calico

Calico with Tabby markings (Torbie)

Black/orange and gray/cream Calicos

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Tabby Cats
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Gray Tabby
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Torties, Torbies & Calico Cats
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Torbie: Dark Tabby & Orange Tabby
Color Points Cats
Color Points
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Color Points Cats

Color Points cats have lighter bodies with darker faces, ears, paws, and tails. Siamese cats are Color Points cats.

Color Points - Gray Points

Color Points - Brown Points

Color Points - Tabby Points

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