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Missing Pet Partnership


Lost Cat Behavior


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Tips for Finding a Lost Cat

Don't delay. Look for your cat as soon as you realize it is missing.


House Cats


Sounds and Smells

Leave some clothes you've worn, or some bedding the pet's used, outside. Wildwood Pet Network recommends tying some of your used socks to your mailbox post, and changing them out every two days.

Go for a walk around the neighborhood, talking as you go.

A lost pet often will hide during the day, so be sure to go out again at night with a flashlight and search for it. Continue to go for walks, both in the daytime, and after dark.


Other Possibilities

Could your pet have become trapped in a vehicle, the garage, basement, or an outbuilding? Talk to your neighbors, and ask them to check their vehicles, garages, outbuildings, etc. Let people know the cat's missing.

Were any tradesmen working nearby the day the pet disappeared? If so, call them, to see whether the pet may have taken a ride in their vehicle.


Contact Animal Control

Contact your local Animal Control or Pound. Take them written information, and a picture if possible. Go see them every day. It is always best to go by the animal shelter and see the animals or talk with an officer. Bring a picture to leave, if possible, as descriptions may be confusing.


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