About PetLinker

Petlinker's primary mission is to help lost pets find their way home. Many of us have known the pain of losing a beloved pet, and never knowing what became of it.

We have set up website and facebook pages which allow anyone who has lost or found a pet, to advertise it. We are broadcasting news of this service to the community, and especially to animal shelters, rescue groups, and vets, so that lost pets can be connected with their owners. We welcome volunteers and fresh ideas.

Petlinker is beginning a "Lost & Injured" program to provide vet care for injured stray animals.

Petlinker has no paid staff and does not charge for its services.

Petlinker is a grassroots community organization, which is run by its volunteers. We are organized as a corporation in the state of Alabama, and qualify as a 501(c)3.

Contact Information

Email: info@petlinker.org

Phone: (256) 694-5307

Facebook: http://facebook.com/petlinker